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Internships & Career Exploration

Tillamook Works is funded through the Tillamook Education Consortium and provides a platform for local industries to connect with their future workforce (current high school & college students) through meaningful work-based learning opportunities. 

Businesses & Organizations

Learn how your business or organization can benefit from connecting with motivated students interested in learning more about careers in your industry! Partner with Tillamook Works to bring awareness and develop pipelines into your organization through the following work-based learning or career exploration activities :

  • Internships

  • Work Experience

  • Projects / Project Support

  • Job Shadows

  • Classroom Speakers

Simply posting jobs and hoping for the best candidates isn't always enough in our current job market. Scope out new talent and build relationships with your future workforce earlier by taking part in a student's educational narrative. Tillamook Works has processes in place to make it easy to participate and helps recruit and market opportunities to students. 

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Tillamook Works is supported by Tillamook Bay Community College, the Northwest STEM Hub, and the K-12 school districts (NKNSD, NVSD, TSD9).

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