What is an internship?

An internship is a partnership between individual students, their educational institutions, and companies or organizations where short-term work and learning experiences are offered to students. An internship is an ideal way for students to make connect their classroom learning to the realities of daily business life.

  • Internships can be full-time or part-time

  • Internships can take place during the school or on your company’s timetable

  • In some situations interns can earn credit for their internship

  • Internships have defined learning goals are monitored for progress

  • You choose your intern and you are not obligated to keep them on board if they are not a good fit.

Why host an intern?

Internships provide a cost-efficient way to bring eager and talented workers into your company to support a variety of work functions. You will have a direct impact on a student and their professional and educational pathway, giving them a unique experience with new skills that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Other benefits include:

  • A means to advance or develop projects or services for your company

  • A method for identifying potential new hires

  • Shift current labor to other projects in your company

  • Develop strong ties between educational institutions and your organization

What are the employer expectations?

  • ​The employer should clearly communicate tasks and work in collaboration with the Tillamook Works Coordinator to define leaning goals for the intern. 

  • The employer should provide an orientation for the intern so they can get to know staff, the workspace, and policies and procedures.

  • The employer should provide a reasonable work space for the intern.

  • Because the internship is a learning experience for the student, the employer should make every attempt to expose the student to as many business activities, policies, and procedures as possible.

  • We ask that supervisors take the time to explain management practices and operating policies and procedures as necessary to ensure the student understand concepts of the position, business, and organization.

  • At the end of the internship, the employer will provide the student with an evaluation of their performance during their time at the business or organization based on the learning goals.