• Internships

    By providing an internship for a local student, you can help them develop relevant skills, allow them to network within the community, and build their excitement and prospects about certain careers. Plus, there are many benefits to employers too:

    • Fill temporary employment positions

    • Be a host site for TBCC students earning credit towards their degree

    • Get an extra set of hands for projects

    • Identify and recruit fresh talent

    • Increase awareness and excitement for available industry jobs

    • Retain young talent in our county 

    • Strengthen community and educational partnerships

    •  Provide a student with an opportunity that will have a huge impact on their educational and career journey! 

  • Career Exploration

    Sometimes the best way to learn is to get information straight from the source. Career exploration activities allow organizations, and the professionals within them, the opportunity to share unique knowledge with students that will better help them make informed decisions about careers and further education. 

    • Informational interview

    • Job shadow

    • Speaker's Bureau

    • Class presentations / professional workshops for students

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