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Why Partner?

Connect with your future workforce

There is a shift in focus, not only in Oregon, but across the country for businesses and organizations to take more innovative and hands on approaches to combat chronic labor and talent shortages experienced in many high demand industries. Many organizations are finding a simple online job posting just isn't effective anymore. One strategy companies are utilizing is through partnerships with local educational institutions to develop talent pipelines that move skilled students into these difficult to fill, livable wage jobs. But, this relationship between student and employer must begin early. That's where Tillamook Works comes into play:

  • Tillamook Works offers a platform where businesses can communicate to educational institutions the skills they find lacking in entry-level employees. 

  • Identify up and coming talent and begin building relationships through opportunities.

Be a part of a student's educational and professional narrative

Do you remember what it was like to graduate high school and think, "Well, now what?". It's a sentiment shared by many of us. There are so many opportunities out there for students in terms of degrees and career fields along with enough information to make anyone's head spin! But when we look at things like the national student loan debt, college completion rates, and unemployment rates for college graduates, we can see something isn't adding up. The Tillamook Works program was championed for by the educational institutions in Tillamook County as a community involved, hands-on resource for students to connect with local professionals and gain invaluable experiences that will help guide students in a direction based on real facts and experiences. 

1. Internships

Internships are an excellent tool for employers to utilize to identify and "try out" potential hires, shift labor to complete bigger projects, and to support the educational and professional futures of Tillamook County students. 

Summer or on your business/organization's timetable
Full-time or part-time, 6-10 weeks
Work or project based, defined tasks, learning objectives
Paid or for credit
In-person or virtual
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There are many ways to participate

Check out the many ways a business, organization, or professional can partner with Tillamook Works to provide meaningful career exposure and learning through Tillamook Works.

2. Micro


Post a task or project and get matched with a college or high school student! Micro Internships allow students to apply their knowledge while building on skills they already have. Plus, you can get a thing or two checked off of your to-do list!

Anytime, year-round
3 - 40 hours
Specific project or task, soft or technical skill development, wide range of options
Paid, unpaid, or stipend
In-person or virtual

3. Occupational Skills Training Certificate

The OST program can be utilized by employers to "build" entry level employees by hosting a TBCC student interested in joining the employer's industry.

  • Cost efficient

  • Long-term solution to the skilled entry level labor shortage

Students can begin anytime, year-round, and is a one-year program
Students will train with their host site part-time or full-time, 50% Training 50% college coursework
Students will complete career planning, meet learning objectives, and  complete relevant college courses during their program
Students earn credit during on-the-job training

4. Career Exploration

By participating in Career Exploration activities are easy ways for our partners to build relationships with educational institutions, educate students about jobs in our community, and help students make important post-graduation decisions. 



Approx 15 mins

Job Shadows

2 or more hours as appropriate

Guest Speakers


Professional Development


30 mins - class period
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Benefits of the program

The program coordinator will recruit, market, coordinate, assist with hiring, and match students to opportunities.

Cultivate relationships in education, build talent pipelines, help students develop relevant job skills.

Give people in your organization the chance to mentor and share expertise with youth in our community.

Discover talented new employees along the way! 

How it Works

Create your Partner Profile
For Career Exploration Opportunities a partner can:
Host an event (Ex: job shadow at Company XYZ). The coordinator will organize, market and recruit on your behalf. 
As available. The coordinator will reach out to the Works Partner by the request of students and educators in consideration of the partner's schedule. 
For internships (Traditional, Micro, OST)
Post your internship opportunity! A Works Partner can post, hire, and recruit through their normal businesses processes or the Works Coordinator can do so on their behalf. The Works Coordinator will work within schools to recruit for the position. 
Micro Internships do not have a traditional hiring process but ran more as a temp agency. The listing will be matched to an interested and capable student.

To get started

Create your Works Partner Profile

Questions? Contact the Tillamook Works Coordinator.

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