Host Student Interns

Internships & Cooperative Work Experience

Internships & Cooperative Work Experience allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real work situations and ultimately build skills, bulk up their resume & college applications, network, explore careers, and earn credit. By hosting Internship & Cooperative Work Experience students, businesses & organizations also experience benefits. Here's how:



  • Year-round source of highly motivated students

  • New perspectives, ideas, and energy

  • Increased visibility on campus for the organization

  • Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects

  • Freedom for professional staff to pursue other projects

  • Flexible, cost-effective workforce not requiring a long-term employer commitment

  • Strategic method to recruit and evaluate potential employees

  • Enhanced community image as employers contribute expertise to the educational landscape

Become a host site, support students in their programs & career interests

Internships allow students to explore careers and develop skills in industries of their interest. By partnering with education through Tillamook Works, employers can take an active role in developing our county's future workforce and their entry-level employees. 

Host students with specific career related interests or from one of the following academic programs: