Student Job Board

Get connected to jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities

Students: Great news! TBCC is using Handshake (launching Fall 2021) to bring opportunities right to you!




Handshake is a web-based system for accessing:

  • Full-time career-related positions for upcoming graduates and alumni.

  • Career related events or workshops available to students

  • Part-time, off campus jobs for students.

  • On-campus work-study and regular-wage jobs for students.

  • Paid and unpaid internships for students.

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Employers: Looking to connect TBCC and/or high school students with jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities? Learn how to post your opportunity and get connected to students!

Connect to the Job Board:

Option 1: Email

  • Create a Profile
  • Send your opportunity to
  • Please include:
    • Job opening title, description, and duties
    • Applicant qualifications and requirements
    • If high school students can apply
    • Work schedule
    • Wage range and benefits
    • Directions on how to apply
    • Closing Date (If no closing date is included, the job notice will be removed after four weeks.)
    • Attachments should be Word, RTF or PDF

Option 2: Post Online

Handshake If you are new to Handshake, please use this sign-up portal to get started:

  1. Select Sign up for an account
  2. Click Employer
  3. After completing employer registration, you will receive a notification when your account is approved by the universities selected.
  4. Complete your employer profile with as much information as possible. More information will generate greater applicant interest.
  5. Start posting opportunities.
If you are already on Handshake, after signing in:
  1. On the left side navigation toolbar, click Schools.
  2. Click Add More Schools or Search by School Name to request specific schools.
  3. Once you request the University of Portland, we will review your employer profile before approval.
Post a Position
  1. Sign into your employer account on Handshake.
  2. On the left side navigation toolbar, click Jobs, under Postings.
  3. On the top right, click the blue box that says Create Job.
  4. Complete the job posting with as much detail and description as possible.
  5. Add which schools you would like to post the job to from the left navigation bar.
  6. Enter application start and expiration dates, then click Create.
Note: You can provide qualifications for positions. Applicants who do not meet your preferences will still be able to apply, but Handshake will highlight and filter those out if you choose to do so. View all posted positions at any time, by clicking Jobs from the left hand navigation toolbar. Handshake