By participating or hosting career exploration activities, businesses and organizations can create a platform to:

  • Engage and build relationships with students and education

  • Build excitement & curiosity surrounding your company and industry 

  • Help students explore careers that interest them

  • Identify talented students that will soon be joining the workforce

Career Fairs

In-person, virtual

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

When: Spring

College & High School

Our students are getting job training and education necessary to prepare them to become the workforce of the future. By connecting with our students, employers can meet hundreds of talented students who are ready to join your industry. Join us at our next career fair to meet your future employee

Career Spotlight

In-person, virtual

20-30 minutes

An activity primarily focused on career exploration and occupational investigation. This is a one-on-one or small group opportunity for students to ask career related questions in your industry area of expertise.

Interview Days

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