Internships for School Credit

Cooperative Work Experience (CWE)

Students, did you know you can participate in a CWE internship that can count as credit towards your degree or certificate?

A CWE Internship allows you to have a hands-on learning experience in an industry related to your academic programs or career aspirations. After speaking with the program coordinator and after the application process, you will be placed at a business or organization where you will learn more about your career interests through mentorship and day-to-day work experiences. 

What are the benefits of participating in a CWE Internship?

  • Explore your interests on a deeper level in order to make confident decisions about future education and careers
  • An internship is excellent resume material and looks great on college applications
  • Network: get letters of recommendation and references 
  • Find flexible employment while working towards your degree or certificate
  • Earn credit while you work

Who can participate?

  • Current TBCC students
  • Eligible high school students
  • Not enrolled at TBCC? Start here

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