An internship is a partnership between individual students, their educational institutions, and companies or organizations where short-term work and learning experiences are offered to students. 

  • Internships can be full-time or part-time

  • Internships can be paid or for credit or a combination of both

  • Internships can take place during the summer or the school year

  • Duration of internship can vary depending on employer availability

  • A method for identifying potential new hires.

  • Add another layer of recruitment and marketing to your company.

  • A cost-efficient way to advance projects or temporarily shift labor 

  • Take part in a community relations program that develops strong ties between local educational institutions and your organization-- create your talent pipeline! 

  • Ability to communicate entry level skills needed in new hires to teachers and administration 

  • Invest in the community by supporting a student in their educational and professional endeavors by providing them a learning experience that they can add to their resumes and college applications. 

  • Internships have defined learning goals and tasks and are monitored for progress

  • Internships will be matched to a students interests or academic major

  • Internships promote academic, career, and personal development goals. 

Employer Expectations
  • If paid, the employer will hire the intern through their company hiring processes. 

  • Provide the intern with an orientation and reasonable work space.

  • Communicate with Tillamook Works Coordinator to ensure the employers (and interns!) experience goes smoothly, however, if it's not a good fit, the employer is not obligated to continue with the intern.

  • The internship is a learning experience, take every opportunity to share your knowledge and your business/organization procedures and processes with the intern.

Occupational Skills Training Certificate 


The Occupational Skills Training Certificate (referred to as OST for short) is a one-year, state-approved certificate program offered through Tillamook Bay Community College. The core coursework of the program, known as Skills Training, is found in individualized, hands-on training designed to designed to meet industry standards for specific occupations. 

Skills Training coursework introduces student to systems, professional standards, and practical skills needed to obtain an entry-level position in their fields of choice, and eligibility to obtain outside certification or licensure whenever possible. Skills Training also provides students with guidelines on work ethic expectations and feedback on work ethic expectations. Specific content for Skills Training curriculum in each field of study is determined by a Tillamook Works Coordinator in conjunction with input from a worksite supervisor, and any available job descriptions. Professional standards for certification or license are included where possible in the course of training. 

The Case for Businesses
  • Build your own qualified entry-level employees with the skills your business or organization needs. 

  • Cost efficient; paid or unpaid 

  • Build career pathways in our community for better jobs.

  • Find, develop, and retain talent.

  • Support throughout the process from the beginning to the completion of a student's OST certificate.

  • "Try out" a potential employee. The goal is to create jobs but you aren't obligated to hire the student at the end of the program.

Career Learning Opportunities 


Job Shadows

A Job shadow is an activity where students interested in learning more about a specific career or industry observe and follow a professional at their workplace. Job shadows are usually for a set time, anywhere from two hours to a full day depending on the nature of the work site or the employer's preference and availability. A job shadow provides a student the opportunity to ask important questions and see actual, real-life examples, of what their future career might look like. A job shadow experience is critical for students when making important and costly decisions about degrees and training they're thinking about pursuing. 

Career Spotlight 

Career spotlights are presentations that introduce a career, industry, or expertise to a group of students. A Career Spotlight is a low-intensity activity that can take place virtually or in-person. Although, we may be looking at a virtual delivery method for the time being! This presentation is about YOU! What you know, what you do, what your career journey was like. When a student gets to know YOU and your experience it helps them better relate to professionals in their community and make real connections to the working world. Tillamook Works will provide you with an easy to follow Career Spotlight template to guide you in hitting important topics that will help students learn how others have gone from students to professionals in a variety of industries.      

Informational Interview

Informational interviews are low intensity activities with a big impact. They take about 15 to 30 minutes and are facilitated and set up by the Tillamook Works Coordinator or a career counselor. They can be done over the phone, virtually, or in-person. The student will come prepared with questions. 

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