Introducing Tillamook Works

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Tillamook Works is an internship and career exploration program brought to Tillamook County in a collaborative effort by the three school districts, Tillamook Bay Community College, and the Northwest STEM Hub to connect students and local businesses, organizations, and professionals through career learning opportunities.

Tillamook Works can be utilized as a strategy for employers to build their future workforce.

There are students working their way through the educational systems right here in Tillamook County. They each have their own talents, interests, and aptitudes. By building relationships early on through structured and meaningful career learning opportunities, businesses can communicate expectations, skills needed, identify potential employees and create talent pipeline from schools to their workforce.

Through Tillamook Works, local industries can support students in their community build skills and develop career and educational pathways.

Students in our area have a multitude of ambitions, talents, interests, and ideas. However, lack of experience, information, or clear direction can be a huge barrier in making those big decisions about what path to take after high school. Making uneducated decisions or having a lack of research can be costly mistakes, *ahem*, looking at you student loan debt! Looking at you niche degrees! And you, graduate unemployment rates! So, you get the idea. If we can work together as a partnership between schools and local industries, we can give students the opportunities necessary to learn hands-on skills, labor trends, employer expectations, different jobs within industries, and networking opportunities. And hey, maybe you'll find your next best employee along the way!

Some of the ways to get involved:

  • Internships

  • Job Shadows

  • Career spotlight presentations

  • Bring your own ideas!

Shelby Owsley

Tillamook Works Coordinator

Contact me:

Photo: Through a partnership with the TCCA Farm Store, an business and marketing internship opportunity for local high school or TBCC students was developed. Jaden Spence, a sophomore at Tillamook High School, applied and was accepted for the internship. He is interested in learning more about careers in business or electrical work.

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