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An internship and career exploration program supported by TBCC and Tillamook County School Districts

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Program Information for Businesses & Organizations

Tillamook Works is an internship and career exploration program that offers a platform for local businesses and organizations to connect with college and high school students in Tillamook County through work-based learning opportunities. Some businesses & organizations partner with the program to support students reach their career and educational goals by offering them the experiences required to earn credit or explore career interests on a deeper level. Others partner with the program because they see the value in creating relationships with a future workforce in order to bring awareness to the available jobs in their industry and skills needed to obtain them. The program is adaptable and flexible to the needs and availability of its partners. If you have career experience or industry knowledge, and the heart to work with students - consider partnering with Tillamook Works!

Why Partner With Tillamook Works?

Local businesses and organizations partner for a variety of reasons. Many are taking action to solve chronic talent supply shortages. Others are working with us to help close skills gaps for students entering the workforce. Still others just want to give back to the community by being part of a knowledge transfer process to the next generation. More reasons to partner with the program can include the following reasons:

  • Get support with an upcoming project

  • Support your current staff with an extra set of hands

  • Provide leadership development opportunities for employees

  • Partner with education and give back to the community

  • Build pipelines of up and coming talent into your organization

  • Support students in their learning and career investigation

  • Have an active role in the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next and invest in Tillamook County's future workforce


There are many different reasons for an organization to get involved in the program and Tillamook Works has the processes in place to create an internship or other work-based learning experience that works for you!

How You Can Get Involved
  • Partner with the program to host student interns, co-op students, projects

  • Participate in career exploration opportunities to bring awareness to jobs in your industry

Cooperative Education, Internships, Projects

Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op) is an internship that aligns directly with a student's program of study. At TBCC all students enrolled in an Associates of Arts and Sciences and any Career Technical Education program must complete a Co-op at the end of their studies. Students can also be enrolled in Career Technical Education programs in high school and can also be eligible for a co-op internship. Students can apply their classroom knowledge and training in "real world" situations by participating in a co-op. Typically, co-ops take place during the Spring Term.

An internship is an other work-based learning opportunity that allows students to explore other areas of interest or careers that are not offered in an academic program. Internships are an excellent way for our partners to introduce students into their organization and offer students important opportunities to build skills and network. Internships an take place during any academic term or summer only. 

Projects are short-term and can be anywhere from 5 - 40 hours. Projects allow employers to get extra help and fresh perspectives through student involvement. Some students lead busy lives going to school, working, having family obligations, and participating in extra-curricular activities. Projects allow students to build on their skills, earn extra money, and network without the time commitment of an internship.

Interested in learning more about Co-ops, internships, and projects? 

Visit the Employer Resources Page or contact the program coordinator for more information. 

Career Exploration

By participating or hosting career exploration activities, businesses and organizations can create a platform to:

  • Engage and build relationships with our future workforce

  • Build excitement & curiosity surrounding your company and industry 

  • Help students explore careers that interest them

  • Identify talented students that will soon be joining the workforce

See below for more information about career exploration activities. Templates are available and coordination and scheduling will be done by the program coordinator. 

Class Presentations/Workshops (Options: In-person, virtual)

An activity that is primarily focused on student career exploration or employability skill development. Industry professionals will be invited to provide a broad exposure to their industry and occupations or share their expertise on specific topics.


Duration: approx. 45mins



Speaker's Bureau (Options: In-person, virtual, or recorded)

Speakers bureau volunteers may be asked to participate individually or as a member of an industry or career panel, to share career or economic information and/or subject matter expertise with a group of students, parents and/or staff.


Duration: approx. 50 mins



Job Shadows (Options: In-person, live/virtual)

A job shadow is activity that is primarily focused on student occupational investigation. These experiences are one-one with an industry professional that allow a student to interview and observe one or more industry professionals in a work setting.


Duration: 2 or more hours if appropriate



Informational interview (Options: In-person, virtual, phone)

An activity primarily focused on career exploration and occupational investigation. This is a one-on-one or small group opportunity for students to ask career related questions in your industry area of expertise.


Duration: approx. 20 mins

Career Fairs (Options: In-person, virtual)

A career fair is an event that gives students and employers a chance to meet one another, establish professional relationships, and discuss potential job and/or internship opportunities.

Contact the program coordinator if you would like information on upcoming career fairs.