Student Internships & Career Exploration

Summer Internships

Explore different careers, network, develop skills, and gain valuable resume experience through summer internships.

CWE 180: Internships for School Credit

Eligible high school students can enroll in CWE 180 and be placed in an internship that can earn school credit! Internships take place during the summer and school year!

Career Training

Are you looking for employment in livable wage career but lack the skills and experience? Enroll in the OST Program at TBCC to begin the journey towards a new and fulfilling career.

Career Exploration

What do you want to to after you graduate? Investigate your options by participating in a job shadow informational interview, or other activities with professionals in your community.

Resume and Application Help

Don't let the daunting and time consuming task of writing a resume or application hold you back from your next big opportunity! Book an appointment and get one-on-one help. 

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